Complete Landscape Management Just a Call Away 

 If you are looking for hard landscape or softandscape services, you have come to the right place. We offer complete landscape designing and installation. With our expertise, we bring your outdoor space to life.  We work on the installation and repair of your landscape. We use skillful construction and the best horticulture techniques for building landscapes that look and feel amazing. You won’t get enough of the beauty for years to come.

Our landscaping services include:

  •  Garden designing & installation 
  •  Upgrading of the existing gardens
  •  Constructing water wise gardens
  •  Garden & water features
  •  Landscape lighting 
  •  Installation of the irrigation system 
  •  Erosion control and drainage 
  •  Retaining and re-using the rain water  

 Our Process 

Landscape designing and planning is a step by step process and our experts take care of each step. Our design process consists of the following steps:

  •  The process begins with client consultation. This makes us realize your project goals and how you want the space to be used, what style fits the location best and what budget you have for the project.
  •  After this, we perform site analysis for measuring the site, plotting the existing plants a, elements and obtaining the existing evaluations 
  •  We perform landscape construction, irrigation, planting, lighting & drainage designs 

We work on a customize landscape management plan. We don’t just have the right expertise but the right resources for catering each and every aspect of the landscape maintenance plan. Our team includes qualified architects and landscape designers who are committed to provide exceptional results. The landscape will be designed according to the standards. 

Do you know that that bare minimum of 10% of the home’s value should be spent on the landscape? A research shows that the range of return on the landscape investment falls between 70 and 200% at the time of selling your home. When you work on a personalized design, it will beautify your backyard and increase the value of your home. You will get to sell your house quickly too. 

 Landscape Elements

Green Life landscaping works on the following elements to come up with the most creative landscapes in Dubai:

  •  Soil Preparation This process starts with testing the soil in lab, making ecological amendments and thorough tillage for making an environment that enables the plants to thrive. 
  •  Irrigation  We perform intelligent evaluation and work on meticulous construction for water coverage and water conversation.
  •  Hardscape  We work with concrete, pavers, flagstone and decomposed granite to design the deck. With clean and useable pathways, you will get smooth access to the outdoors.
  • Planting  We use quality plant materials and the specimen trees which are professionally planted for meeting the horticultural standards and designing your landscapes.
  • Turf & Grasses  We offer the best turf solutions for each function and budget. We make sod, hydroseed, sports fields and even native grasslands. 
  • Water Features  We work on moving water for creating a dynamic focal point. You can count on us for quality design and construction.  

 Landscape Maintenance 

We don’t just design landscapes, we maintain them too. Our services include regular lawn maintenance, seasonal pruning, mulch installation, spring, fall and special event cleaning, seasonal color installation, landscape bed maintenance, irrigation system starting up and shutting down and more. Our maintenance services are available for both residential and commercial clients. You won’t have to worry about your landscapes as long as our professional team is working on the task.

Why Choose Green Life Landscaping 

  • Our services are always according to the expectations of the clients
  • We have worked on different landscape projects for different clients and we have never compromised on quality
  • We follow teamwork for strengthening our internal & external relationship and complete the project within the deadline
  • We follow an integral approach no matter what kind of landscaping work it is 

We have certified and licensed professionals in our team who are able to solve all kinds of difficult landscape challenges. We have proven landscape management plan, use standard chemicals, follow quality procedures, and we use the latest equipment and methods to work on each project. No job is too big or too small for us. Our contractors specialize in grading, irrigation, drainage, stone work, paver installation, sod & seed installation, landscape planting, paver installation, water features & fountains and more. 

Call us today for beautifying your landscape!